Water - The Business Risk To The Power Sector

When wind energy critics tell us about how intermittent, unreliable, expensive, noisy, dangerous to wildlife, or aesthetically unappealing energy created from wind is, they forget to tell us that wind power doesn't need any water to produce energy. It is quickly forgotten  how important water is to non renewable energy production and how the ever increasing demand for energy has a huge impact on the planets eco system.

Water is needed for almost all forms of energy and with rising demand for energy comes rising demand for water. Growing population will also decrease per-capita water availability.In some parts of the world water is more scarce then in others and therefore has become a business risk for energy producers.

The solution is wind. Wind Power does not consume water at all and this makes wind economically the most competitive low water/low carbon technology. Wind is also often abundant in areas where water is scarce.


More information about Water and Energy from Vestas

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