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MWPS – MyWindPowerSystem Ltd. provides high response classifieds advertisement and brokering service for both sellers or buyers of ‘Renewable Energy Equipment’ through our known Marketplace site, click here.

We will promote, broker and sell your equipment on your behalf at its true market value, free of charge, and only apply a brokering fee between 5%-7% of the total sales price on completion of a successful sale.  This will subsequently leave you with a much higher net sales price than you would achieve by selling your equipment to a so-called ‘cash buying’ broker. No fee ever is payable to us for our services unless we successfully find a buyer for your equipment. We do not offer to purchase your product/s at so-called ‘auction prices’ in order to sell your equipment afterward with a large profit margin as many ‘cash buying’ brokers do.

We also offer an ‘Equipment Sourcing’ Service for buyers at an agreed fee which is only payable in the event that we are able to source the equipment you are looking for and is subsequently purchased by you.

Why Sell or Buy Through Us?

  • No risk for Sellers – Our Marketing campaigns and brokering services are completely free of charge unless we introduce a buyer to you and a  sales transaction is successfully closed and paid
  • Get free and personal expertise advice and free evaluations of your product’s true and current market value
  • Get maximum worldwide exposure of your product for sale through our market leading Page Rank 4 Web Site, directly reaching a huge worldwide target audience
  • Get a page 1 ranking advert in Google within hours of us publishing your advert live on our market leading and dedicated ‘Marketplace’ – see here!
  • Get access to our large number of registered ‘Ready to buy Cash Buyers’ from around the world
  • Achieve the best possible sales price through multiple pre-qualified buyer introductions
  • Prior to introduction to our sellers, all buyers are taken through MWPS’ stringent vetting & qualification process  – No more dealings with time wasters and tire kickers for you!
  • MWPS accompanies both sellers and buyers through a safe and confident trade from start to finish and assists both seller and buyer through contract negotiations until close of sale
  • The sale of used wind turbine equipment is a very specialized trade. Benefit from MWPS’ expertise of years in trading in the global wind turbine marketplace.

Use the contact form to request our ‘Premium’ advertising and brokering service today!

It is easy to request our service and post your classifieds with us. Just use the contact form to submit your details and description of your requirements whether you are looking to sell or buy, MyWindPowerSystem is the best Advertising Marketing Online Broker for the ‘Renewable Energy Market’ worldwide.

The Selling Process

1- Seller sends MWPS details of the equipment.

2- MWPS Service Team will evaluate the equipment condition and will determine the current market value of the unit/s.

Note: MWPS will insist on a precise description of the condition so that your equipment is represented correctly.

3- If suggested Asking Price is acceptable by both parties, MWPS will issue our standard Introducers Agreement for your consideration.

4- After signing our Introducers agreement, we start to advertise and promote your equipment for sale and publish the first advertisements within 48 hours.


The Sourcing Process

1- Buyer sends MWPS details of the equipment wanted.

2- MWPS Service Team will investigate and searches the market via our free advertising marketplace and mail shots to our large register of Sellers.

3- If the right equipment has been sourced, MWPS will issue our standard Introducers Agreement and if agreeable will introduce you to the seller and assists in arranging inspection and negotiating the purchase until completion.

4- After signing our Introducers agreement, we start to advertise and commence sourcing of your requested equipment within 48 hours.


Our Strength

Potential customers looking for ‘Renewable Energy’ products will see your classifieds on our site and contact us directly about your product or service. Use online advertising and online classifieds for your business, product or service and reach a large audience with interests in ‘Renewable Energy.


MyWindPowerSystem.com Marketplace is your one-stop shop for buying and selling your new or second hand ‘Renewable Energy’ Equipment. Request to post unlimited Ads for unlimited periods at best prices.

Please send your inquiry for selling your turbine/s or for us to source turbines for you to:


Terms & Conditions apply.


Our Other Services

Also check out our Spare Parts site where you can post an unlimited number of adverts for free whether you are selling spare parts of renewable energy equipment or if you are looking for spare parts for your damaged equipment, click here.

If you are looking for a job in the renewable energy sector or if you are an employer or recruiting agency, then use our dedicated job listing site, click here.


Detailed Description of Services

MWPS is specialized in internet marketing within the wind power sector with a focus on new and used wind turbines. MWPS has a very strong global presence on the world wide web, especially within all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc.) on all topics relating to alternative energy, wind power, and wind turbines.

It is a fact that the worldwide web is now the first choice media for both, buyers and sellers interested in wind power and especially when searching to buy or sell new or used wind turbines. Our clients benefit from the combination of this ‘fact’ as well as our ‘strong presence’ within all major search engines in such way that we are able to drive a client’s newly offered wind turbines onto page 1 on Google within hours of publishing our client’s advert… thus receiving purchase enquiries from potentially ‘ready to buy’ clients in the shortest possible time. MWPS also maintains an extensive database of worldwide registered clients currently actively looking to purchase new or used wind turbines of all types and sizes which we are serving with a regular product targeted mail shot updates.

To summarize the services MWPS provide for ‘Selling’ clients:

  •  Achieve the highest possible sales price for your turbine
  • Preparation of brief details for mail shot and internet postings describing the turbine for sale to assist in finding a buyer
  • Advertise and promote your turbines for sale through our dedicated Alternative Market Place website and if requested, prepare and post feature articles on our front homepage placed in the top banner area currently attracting 30k+ unique visitors pcm – trending up
  • Advertise and promote your turbines for sale through our dedicated Auction Bidding website for quick sale promotions and to get a fast market value indicator for your used wind turbine
  • Conduct mail shot promotions to suitable prospects from our worldwide register of ‘ready to buy’ clients currently looking to purchase turbines for small to large wind farm projects in the range of 500KW up to 100MW+
  • Following a prospective buyer making an offer, we will take up references (if not registered with us) and assess their ability to complete a purchase
  • Arrange for prospective worldwide buyers to visit and view the turbines on site
  • Proactively drive communications and negotiations between seller and prospective buyers until close of deal


Services we provide for registered ‘Buyers’ clients

  • Achieve the best possible purchase price for a used turbine
  • Registered buyers are served with a premium ‘automated notification’ service informing the same of newly available turbines within hours of going to market
  • Preparation of brief details for mail shot and internet postings describing the required turbine wanted to assist in finding a seller
  • Advertise and promote a buyer’s requirements through our ‘Wanted’ section on our dedicated Alternative Market Place website
  • Drive you to our dedicated Auction Bidding website and place bids on your behalf for quick and anonymous purchases of second-hand wind turbines.
  • Following a prospective seller making an offer, we will take up references (if not registered with us) and assess their ability to supply
  • Proactively drive communications and negotiations between buyer and prospective sellers until close of deal
  • Arrange to find and link prospective buyers with competitively priced refurbishers, forwarders, wind farm developers, construction firms and installation and service maintenance providers on a worldwide basis

In regards to charges, we keep service agreements with our clients very simple and offer tailor-made commission rates according to what is on offer i.e. the qty of turbines to be marketed and their total current $ market value. Typically, for smaller sized turbines we charge a slightly higher sales commission than for top range, high MW machines so not to risk to out-price such turbines when going to market.

We offer both, exclusive or non-exclusive services. The non-exclusive service is usually 2% higher than the exclusive brokerage service. As an example, for one unit of a 250KW – 500KW turbine, we would ask for 7% non-exclusive and 5% exclusive sales commission. But for let’s say 20 x 2mW+ machines we would only ask the seller 3% for non-exclusive and 2% for an exclusive service.

For smaller sized turbines under 250kW with a usually much lower sales price, we will assess and review your equipment individually and will offer you a flat fee charge for your consideration. Both of the above, flat fee or percentage based charges are just examples, and basically, we are flexible and open to negotiate any potential deal with you individually in order to assure that we meet each of our client’s requirements.

We hope that some or all of the above will meet your interest and to hear from you soon.

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