Used GE Wind Turbines – 1.5 MW Available

4 x General Electric – GE 1.5 S Wind Turbine –  For Sale

With more than 5,000 units in operation worldwide, GE’s 1.5 MW turbine continues to be one of the world’s most widely used wind turbines in its class.

Offers in the region of $750,000 per unit / dismantled and loaded onto the truck

GE 1_5 Wind Turbine

There are 4 complete units with 63m Towers available in Q2′2010

* Year of build: 2003
* All in good condition and currently still in operation in Europe.

Please note! Image for illustration purposes only

GE Energy 1.5MW Wind Turbine Technical Specifications (GE 1.5 S)

Operating Data

Rated capacity

1,500 kW

Cut-in wind speed

4 m/s

Cut-out wind speed 600 s average

WZ II: 22 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 25  m/s

Cut-out wind speed 30 s average

WZ II: 25 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 28  m/s

Cut-out wind speed 3 s average

WZ II: 27 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 30  m/s

Cut-back-in wind speed 300 s average

WZ II: 19 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 22  m/s

Rated wind speed

12 m/s


Number of rotor blades


Rotor diameter

70.5 m

Swept area

3,904 m2

Rotor speed (variable)

11.1 – 22.2 rpm


Tower height (m)


Power Control

Power control

Active blade pitch control


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  1. Schönen gutent Tag,

    suche 1,5 kW Anlage für Rumänien (unser Telefonat)
    bitte um Info, falls Kontakte hierzu.
    Ebenfalls gesucht 300 kW für Rumänien.

    die besten Grüße
    Joachim Mindler
    intern. Projektabwicklung
    Büro +49 721 3543879
    Mobil: +49 171 240 5091

  2. Dear Sir,
    We are looking for a used GE 1.5. Could you please send us FULL COMPLETE OFFER and resonable price, so we could be interested in.
    All the best

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