FARM INCOME - Land for Wind Farms - Additional Income For Landowners

Earn substantial Long Term Income from providing Land for Wind Turbine Operators.


Landowners have an opportunity to earn additional income from providing land for the installation and operation of Wind turbines. For each turbine a land owner allows to be installed and operated on their land, additional income can be generated. A single Wind Turbine up to a full scale Wind Farm can provide landowners with a regular income, for no additional labour or expense, usually for a period of 25 years. would like to hear from farmers, community groups, councils and major corporations that would like to earn additional income through generating clean sustainable energy on their land.

Work on land has become increasingly difficult over recent years and even more so to generate income from land. Many farmers are faced with the fact with the need to diversify but what can be done and how to diversify? Lease out your land to Wind Turbine operators! Very little room is taken up by the turbine bases, so little impact is made to your usable land.


If interested, you might be looking for answers to the following questions:

• How noisy are wind turbines?

• What is the visual impact?

• Will the community benefit?
• How will the value of my land be affected?

• How much land is required?

• What agreements need to be made?

• What are the impacts during

• How is farming impacted after installation?


Please read on, here are the answers for you:

How noisy are wind turbines?

It can not be denied that wind turbines do make noise, but they are
much quieter than most people would think. You can have a normal
conversation at the base of a turbine without the need to raise your voice
even if the turbine is running at maximum power.


As the blades are rotating, one can hear a smooth swooshing  sound.
Nothing  really  disturbing . Sometimes when standing close to the
tower, the actions and movement of the gearbox and generator may
also be faintly audible.

It is also true that a turbine’s audibility increases with wind speed
but the wind’s background noise rises more quickly and masks the noise
from the wind turbines. Here a few reference points for comparison:


What is the visual impact?


Wind farms are always sensitively designed and
appropriately sited to ensure minimal visual impact on the surrounding
area. Consultation with the local community is a high priority
so everyone involved in a project becomes aware of highly valued areas.
Usually, photomontages are created to demonstrate what the wind
farm will look like from different locations. This is an essential process
which allows the community to assess the visual impact of
the wind farm before any construction takes place.

How will the value of my land be affected?

Various studies have been carried out throughout the world
and all have found that there has been no significant impact on
both the land containing a wind turbine, or on land with
views of the turbines.


There are usually local concerns that the noise and
visual impact of the turbines will reduce the value of
land. Experience shows that these concerns fade with time once
the wind farm is established and its impact has been
observed by locals. In some areas it has even been shown
to have a positive effect on land value.
Will the community benefit?

Working closely with communities is crucial
to impart an understanding of the need for wind
farms  as well as discussing  the potential effects that
the wind farm may have on the local environment.
Public communication plans should be set up so that all
issues relating to such a new development can be
addressed in a structured manner over the duration
of the project.


Additionally, community enhancement fund can be
created as an incentive which would provide an economic boost to the
local community. This can range from providing for a
new ambulance vehicle, refurbishing the local elderly home, or any
other community related project that is agreed upon
between the developer and the community.

How much land is required?

Turbines do not take up very much land as the tower has only got a diameter
of only approximately 4-5 meters at the base and can be easily positioned
to minimise any interference with ploughing or any other activities when
working the land.

Most machines with large blade length can be
accommodated on a stretch of a roughly 1km straight line. In
practice terrain wind directions play a major role in
determining preferred turbine locations and the positioning can differ to the usual straight line arrangement.


Access tracks to the turbines are usually made of gravel,
and need to be between 6 and 12 metres wide during construction. Electrical cabling between the turbines is almost
always underground and usually alongside the access tracks within the wind farm. In most cases, a single substation will be required. For a small wind farm this may be contained within a small building and for larger developments a plot of land of approximately one hectare will be required to contain the electrical plant. Electrical connection to an existing grid is normally done by a three phase power line mounted on poles.


Noise regulations usually have an effect and dictate the positioning of wind power turbines
relative to residences. Minimum spacing between turbines and nearby residences vary, but as a general guide,
distances from associated dwellings should be around 750m to 1,000m. A distance of 1,000m to 1,500m should be maintained from dwellings not associated with the development.

What agreements need to be made?

Payments can be arranged to landowners at every stage of the development.
Initial Licence agreements cover a minimum of a period of up to 5 years
for which fixed annual payments are made to the landowner. A Licence permits the developer to undertake activities on the land (such as wind monitoring and ecological surveys) .

A Lease agreement will be signed between the parties which sets out the responsibilities and
obligations of both parties over the life of a wind farm project .


It is important to note that the landowners obligations will need to be transferable to any future purchaser of the land/property involved.
By the time the Lease agreement is ready to sign, preliminary wind farm layouts will have to be provided which will outline where and how
many turbines are being proposed. This is important as payment terms are offered on a per turbine basis to the landowner.



What are the impacts during construction?


Construction times depends on the size of the wind farm project. There can be relatively high impacts during this time which will include frequent traffic movements, but compared to the later operation of the wind farm, there are very few vehicle movements thereafter.

New fencing and gates may be required. Trenches and excavations are generally left open for only a few days and appropriate safety fencing is used during this period to prevent accidents if needed.

How is farming impacted after installation?

There is minimal impact on livestock. Any animal such as sheep, cows, and horses are not disturbed by wind turbines at all and the animals typically graze right up to the base of the towers. They even often use the base as rubbing the posts or for shade.


Impacts on cropping are only caused by the access tracks,
substation and turbine towers. The quantity of land lost is
a very small percentage of the overall land. Minimal impact is achieved
by utilizing existing access tracks where possible.


Extensive tree planting should be avoided as trees can slow the wind and cause
Turbulence. This will reduce the commercial returns generated by the wind farm. Shelters for
stock and other environmental plantings can usually be accommodated with causing any problems.

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    I think that since one can still have agriculture or animals running under the turbines, these are great to put in appropriately windy farm areas.

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