SOLAR WIND TURBINE – The Revolutionary Bluenergy Solarwind Turbine

The future of green electricity arrived.

Wind Power & Sun Power…. captured by one futuristically designed Solar Wind Turbine device and turned into green electricity… undeterred by any weather condition.


Why do without energy, if the wind does not blow? Or the sun does not shine? Why not use both energy sources at the same time?
Just like that, the idea of a combined solar/wind generator has been born.
A start-up named Bluenergy USA has designed the Bluenergy Solarwind™ which is a vertical axis wind turbine based on sailing engineering. The wind rotor is rotated by two spiral-formed vanes. For best performance, these vanes are covered in solar cells, so that sun and wind produce electricity as one element. The system installation costs are relatively small and the system produces no noise or significant shadowing, can be easily maintained from ground level, and is an attractive addition to any home.

The wind surface is completely equipped with Photovoltaic modules which gives it that special extra decorative look.


The 5 kW Bluenergy Solarwind™ Turbine‘s double-helix curved wind vanes are mounted on a vertical axis and covered with solar cells. Instead of using glass, the cells are covered with clear Teflon.
The manufacturer states the turbine will generate electricity in breezes as low as 4 mph and is designed to produce power in winds up to 90 mph; speeds far higher than horizontal axis turbines are able to operate in. It’s also reported to be silent in operation. An interesting point is that when the wind is blowing, the solar cells are cooled by the rotation, which is said to assist in maximum electricity generation.


It’s quite an imposing structure, standing at around 18 feet high and 6 feet wide but given the design, I guess for some it would make an interesting artistic statement as well as being a source of electricity. There’s something very “2001: A Space Odyssey” about it – the monolith scene the beginning of the movie.


With this new and spectacular design, the company has seemingly solved the “ugly” factor that is currently associated with both Solar Panels and Wind turbines. A comparison of the Solarwind Turbine versus traditional solar and wind in a large home or office application seems to yield favorable results for the product although the data is provided by the company itself so certain factors may be excluded.

At $7 per watt, the SolarWind turbine is competitive with traditional solar and wind turbine alternatives. If you are looking to invest in this company, you are going to have to bring your checkbook. It is currently a privately held company that is looking for individual investors willing to part with at least $50,000.

Technical Specifications:



Wind turns the 5 kW Bluenergy Solarwind™ Turbine‘s “double-helix designed” curved wind vanes mounted on a vertical axis and covered with solar cells double-sealed in clear Teflon. Electricity produced by both turning generator and solar cells is merged in an enclosed inverter and delivered as 120/240 VAC.


The Solarwind™ is self-contained in only 60 square feet. The 5 kW model is 18’ tall and 6’ wide including turbine, generator, and inverter.

Approximate cost & production

$7/Watt installed or $35,000. Produces 1,100 kWhrs/month.
(av. mean speed 12mph @3kW x 9 hrs x 30 days/mo = 810 kWhrs/mo from wind + 2 kW x 6.5 hrs x 24 days/mo = 312 kWhrs/mo from sun)

Aesthetic & environmental considerations

Dramatic, organic design is an architectural and artistic statement. Scalable size and design elegance enhance rural, residential and urban settings. Silent, harmonious and safe for a plant, animal, and human life.

Production limitations

Generator starts at 4 mph with no upper wind speed limit; power rated > 90 mph. Generates with no sun in a breeze, day or night, or with the sun on calm sunny days. Solar and wind power is additive and cumulative 24/7: ~ 37 % production time (capacity) factor.

Installation & maintenance

Recommended installation on the ground requires minimal equipment and crew (no crane), with generator and inverter mounted and sealed in a single 6’ diameter base. The complete system is ready to connect to buildings or net-meters into the electrical grid.

Unsubsidized kilowatt hour cost projections

Total cost (including replacing one small generator): $42,000.
Projected Total System Output: ~ 330,000 kWhrs.
1 kWhr cost averages: 13 ¢ / kWhr.

14 thoughts on “SOLAR WIND TURBINE – The Revolutionary Bluenergy Solarwind Turbine”

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    construction. I dont want to make new invention, I want to make a new
    energy ones. I find You in Taiwan who is 24 degrees of the earth. My
    energy construction is both of the two energy source with the sun and
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    I want to make these two construction to have energy makeing ones.

    If You are interesting in it, send me an email to make it good energy getting.

    I need somebody who want to get invention of these energy to make it
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    best wishes, Goczey Andras

  2. EMON,

    Ever thought of designing a way to add solar panels to existing wind turbine towers. Using the same concept as the double helix, or even a single spiral. To create a vertical array, to add to the tower,

  3. Emon,
    There is a system, but I won’t tell you. I will give you a hint. Look in Europe and the company has Ties or Main office in the US. I should know, I did the component selection for them.

  4. actually, i have do a project about “combination of wind turbine and solar panel charging system” to complete my degree. so anyone here can give me some idea how to combine it at the charging system part… please help me….

  5. i thought of this idea in my physics class and was wondering how much it costs to build and how many solar panels you need to put on a normal wind turbine

  6. I agree with russ
    If I were to buy solar cells I would pointing them all at the sun!

    how is solar panel electricity transmitted from the rotating part to the base? brushes or a spinning coil? is that less efficient than direct wiring?

    they seem to be fudging the numbers a bit in the comparison. the solarwind is installed where there is 9 hrs/day of 12mph wind. the traditional wind only gets 7 hrs/day! solarwind is also in a sunnier place than solar panels.

    IF it is as good as they say, they should loan one for a year to an impartial party that can install it along side other generating systems.
    if it performs as good as they say (1,100kwh / month) then they will have no problem selling the units.

  7. Dear Mr Abdulaziz Mahmoud Zahid,

    We are and engineering firm based in the U.S.A and having offices in Dubai and other cities, involved in renewable energy solutions. As it happens we do have the Solarwind Turbine technology and would be happy to talk to you further regarding the above. Please contact me with your details on the above email address.

  8. Dear Sirs,
    I am CEO and Co-owner of Zahid & Auf holding co. we are a Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based company we are interested in partnering an expert company to replace the gas fired energy system of our Desalination Plants that are dotted along the coast of Saudi Arabia with a green Solar Wind poewered system I would like to hear your interest.Many thanks.

    Best regards
    Abdulaziz Mahmoud Zahid

  9. ummmm… how come all this stimulus and recovery money isnt going towards this……it will pay for itself!!!…….why why why???

  10. Great idea! Solar which is not in the direct sun 90% of the time and a wind turbine they don’t give a power curve for but make outlandish claims.

    800 kWh/month takes a HAWT with a swept area of approximately 250 sq ft – this does it with 60? No way!

    Even the village idiot would hesitate before buying this anchor!

  11. Wind turbines are of two types; a horizontal wind turbine, which has its rotor shaft placed at the top of its body and must be pointed at the wind, and a vertical wind turbine which has its rotor placed vertically and at a lower point.

  12. lovely idea, why not try the idea to developing countries that have serious power production issues like Nigeria. i am very sure it will sell out.

  13. It is a great idea to combine Solar with Wind Turbine.I believe they will be popular soon.

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