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In the world of wind energy, big isn't necessarily beautiful.  While the EON’s, EDF’s or  RWE’s of the electricity wind energy market may seem to be the giants in terms of turnover,  there's a  small family run company on the up-and-coming in Northern Ireland that is making waves  and earning an enviable reputation.  That company is Green Wind Energy Limited (GWEL). The name says it all - Green Wind Energy Limited is based in Northern Ireland where the rains from the Atlantic create the greenest grass in Europe, it trades in wind, and it is full of energy in its pursuit of opportunities for farmers and landowners. Green Wind Energy Ltd. specialises in helping these individuals to capitalise on the current generous government support for renewable energy and reap the bounty of wind which Northern Ireland is blessed with.

What does Green Wind Energy Ltd Do?

Simply put, Green Wind Energy plan, fund and construct single medium-scale wind turbines to provide a regular monthly income to farmers and landowners for two and half decades. But they also do so with a proven background of sound financial backing, a tried and tested expertise in wind farming, and a knowledge of and commitment to the local environment.  It's what one might expect from a small dedicated family-run company that has a passion for wind and that has been prospering over the last 20 years.

Who is behind Green Wind Energy Ltd.?

The family business started out in their journey on the wind with two Vestas V42 - 600kW each wind turbine some 20 years ago. From those humble beginnings, Fritz Vormweg BASc, Josef Vormweg BMSc and later Carlo Vormweg MScBM, who joined the business in 2008 after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Business Management, have steered the Sole Trader company ’Vormweg-Wind’ to be a significant and respected producer and generator of wind energy with over 90MW of wind generation sites developed and over 60 wind turbines installed and commissioned to date of which some project being sold after completion. The 100% privately owned Family Business currently operates and manages 27 wind turbines in the range from 600kW  up to 3000kW with Vestas V90's &Enercon E82's wind turbines amongst other make & models totalling a capacity of 43MW. This already impressive inventory of high tech wind energy equipment had further additions this year with three 225kW wind turbines being installed in Northern Ireland with another two, fully refurbished, 225kW Vestas V27 scheduled for installation in summer 2015 at two newly approved sites near Clough Mills.

The company has operations in Germany, France and The Netherlands, but just over four years ago, after an introduction by Ralph Ruppert, Managing Director of MyWindPowerSystem Ltd. (MWPS), set up camp in Northern Ireland by forming Green Wind Energy Ltd., a purpose vehicle company whose sole purpose is to develop single unit 250KW sites across the length and breadth of Northern Ireland using refurbished Vestas V27 wind turbines following their decommissioning in The Netherlands.

Who is at the helm of Green Wind Energy Ltd.?

Day-to-Day business activities are being managed by the two appointed directors Carlo Vormweg and Ralph Ruppert. Ralph built up his own successful company, MWPS, globally trading in new and used wind turbines, before setting up GWEL on behalf of Vormweg-Wind. Ralph's key activities are in sourcing suitable sites locally across Northern Ireland, talking with the landowners, negotiating lease agreements, managing the development of projects, and liaising with local construction and transport companies to establish  connection and commissioning the wind turbines to the grid whereas Carlo overseeing operations from his home base in Germany.

Carlo Vormweg and Ralph Ruppert rely on their contracted Project Engineer, Martin Murphy, a Northern Irishman whose local knowledge of the country and three decades of expertise in the construction industry make him an invaluable contractor to the company.

While 2014 was a good year for GWEL in Northern Ireland with three sites going into operation, 2015 promises to be even better, with new sites scheduled to commence operations next summer. The company are scouting out for more sites to develop in partnership with local landowners: They are currently looking for land and plots in Northern Ireland to either lease or buy on which to install and operate commercially single wind turbines of up to 250kW nominal power.

GWEL tell us that they are particularly interested in sites where there are existing permits for wind turbine operation of up to 250KW with a turbine height of up to 40m height and a rotor diameter of up to 30m, but will also consider other sites provided planning permissions are in place and firm Grid connection quotes had been issued by NIE. Suitable sites can be leased outright with a quarterly rent paid including share of revenue earnings, or Joint Venture arrangements agreed with part finance provided to the farmer, landowner or developer. The period of the lease and Joint Venture must be a minimum of 25-30 years to guarantee long term and regular revenue streams for both landowner and Green Wind Energy Ltd.

It seems certain that the wind beneath GWEL's wings will be lifting them to new heights of commercial success in the coming years!


For more information, contact: Green Wind Energy Ltd., 103 Cregagh Road, Belfast BT BT6 8PY, Tel. Ralph Ruppert direct: +44 77 7575 2861


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