New 170MW Onshore Wind Farm for India

The company Inox Wind (which is a subsiduary of Gujerat Fluorochemicals) has secured a contract to provide wind turbines for an onshore wind farm in the vicinity of Ratlam and Mandasaur districts of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Inox Wind has a deal (worth around $150m) from Singapore-based company Continuum Wind Energy to provide wind turbines for a total of  170MW worth of wind turbines. That will be made up of 85 units of 2MW wind turbines with 100m rotor diameters. In addition to supplying the turbines Inox Wind will also install, commission, operate and maintain them. Inox say that their wind farm will generate more energy at low wind speeds. Inox Wind director Devansh Jain said Inox's 100m rotor diameter turbines would be a game changer in the wind industry in India.

New 170MW Onshore Wind Farm for India

Inox Wind CEO Kailash Tarachandani said:

"With a focus on technology and customer centricity, we have launched this new product for our clients who can achieve optimum energy yield with lower wind speeds."This is a landmark order that underscores our competitive positioning across the highly competitive and growing Indian wind market. "

Continuum Wind Energy plan to create a string of efficient large-scale world class wind farms across India. CEO and director Arvind Bansal (pictured here)

New 170MW Onshore Wind Farm for India


"In pursuit of our strategy of creating efficient, large scale, world class wind farms in India, we are excited to partner with Inox given their technology  generates more energy in low speed windsWe believe that the successful implementation of such projects will not only result in a cleaner energy base for India but also will help to empower the rural communities of Madhya Pradesh."


Wind power began in India in the 1990s, and has significantly increased in recent years. Although a relative newcomer to the wind industry compared with countries such as Denmark or the United States, India currently has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world.


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