Vestas Clinch Italian Deal

The wind giant Vestas has secured an order for a total of  48 MW of wind power  from Asja Ambiente Italia.

The contracts are for the two wind power plants in Basilicata and includes the supply, installation and commissioning of six V117-3.0 MW and nine V117-3.3 MW Vestas wind turbines.

The wind turbines are scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of this year and due to come start power generation before the end of the year. The deal also includes a comprehensive VestasOnline Business SCADA system and a 10-year AOM 5000 service agreement. This is the first Vestas order for its respected V117 turbines in Italy.


ASJA AMBIENTE ITALIA S.p.A. designs, builds, and manages renewable power plants. It generates electricity from landfill biogas, agricultural biomass, wind, photovoltaic, hydro, and vegetable oils, as well as trades clean energy and green certificates. It has projects in Italy, Argentina, Brazil, China, and Albania. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Rivoli, Italy.

In April 2013 Vestas announced it was bringing out the V112 3.3MW, the V117 3.3MW and the V16 3.3MW range of wind turbines. This followed the launch of the V126 3MW turbine in September 2012.

Vestas straight away received three orders for the turbines totalling 100MW including the Noerhede Hjortmose project in Denmark.

The addition of the V117-3.3 MW boosted by 10% theirr 3 MW turbines and  enabled the entire platform to deliver greater energy production. At a low-wind site choosing a Vestas 3.3 MW instead of a Vestas 3.0 MW turbine can boost the annual energy production by up to 19.5%.”


The V112-3.0MW marked a return to traditional drive technology for Vestas. While its predecessor, the V90-3.0MW, had introduced a compact integrated drive system, with the new V112 Vestas returned to conventional wind technology, but offered a 55% larger rotor-swept area.

The V117 turbines features  a non-integrated drive system, a permanent magnet generator and a passive liquid-cooling system.


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