53 Siemens Turbines for Turkey

Three new wind farms are being built in Turkey at Mugla, Edirne-Tekirdag and Kirklareli by the Turkish Group Güriş. 53 Siemens D3 wind turbines representing a total capacity of 165 MWwill be produced and shipped to the locations. These D3 turbines have the cutting edge gearless direct drive technology from Siemens. Commissioning is expected to take place between late 2014 and summer 2015. The distribution of the turbines will be as follows:

Fatma Wind Farm (Mugla)- 25 turbines (77MW)

Zeliha Wind Farm (Kirklareli)- and Kanije Wind Farm (Edirne-Tekirdağ)- 28 turbines (88MW)

Together the three wind power plants will generate power equivalent to the electricity consumption of up to 250,000 households and will prevent 290,000 tons of CO2 emission per year.


This won’t be the first wind farm using the D3 platform. 85 Siemens D3 wind turbines are installedy at the Bison Wind Energy Center on the North Dakota prairies.

Siemens direct drive wind turbines of the D3 platform are highly innovative- it has less than half the moving parts of a conventional geared wind turbine, and has improved performance, reliability and maintainability. In addition, the compacted design allows for easier transportation.Siemens has opted for a permanent magnet generator for improved efficiency. Unlike an electrically-excited machine with a gearbox, a permanent magnet-excited machine does not expend any energy on the excitation itself. The D3 platform wind turbine generators also have an outer rotor, where the rotor spins on the outside of the stator. This design feature allows the rotor to operate within narrower tolerances, which helps to keep the dimensions of the nacelle compact.



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