New Wind Farms for The Phillipines

A very small percentage of the total energy output of the Phillipines is from wind power, but the country wind energy sector has significant potential and could provide over 70GW of power.  The 33 MW Bangui Bay wind farm (unusual in wind farms in that it is on the beach) is the only operating wind farm in the Philippines, but all that seems set to change. Research from Windpower Intelligence shows that the country has 2.9GW of projects in the pipeline. Here are two of them.

Bangui Bay Wind Farm
Bangui Bay Wind Farm

The Phillipines Energy Department has declared a project to construct a 50MW wind power project by MaxPower commercially feasible. The First Maxpower International Corporation (FMIC) is a 100% Filipino - owned company which was established in June 2009 primarily to engage in the business of power generation, with a leaning towards renewable energy sources.


Mario Marasigan, the Renewable Energy Management Bureau departments director said:

"We issued a certificate confirming the declaration of commerciality of First Maxpower’s wind project".

The wind farm will be located in Pulupandan in Negros Occidental province. It will be eligible for subsidies under the Phillipines' government’s feed-in tariff prorgam. This allows energy from the project to be sold for a price for a period of 20 years. Commercial operations of the $122m project are hoped to begin in the second half of 2015.

The Japanese trading firm Kanematsu Corp will be responsible for constructing not only a 54-MW wind farm in the Philippines and lay underwater cables for power transmission to the local grids. The wind farm would include 27 wind turbines of 2 MW each and will be financed through syndicated loans. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. The project will take advantage of government subsidies for renewables, launched in July 2012.

Gamesa The Spanish turbine manufacturer will supply the 27 o2MW turbines for installation on the wind farm site on Guimaras Island in the central Philippines.

Siemens have made two sales in the Philippines this year totalling 162MW, while Vestas secured one order for 87MW.

Bangui Bay



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