With 18 years' experience and more than 25,000 MW installed in 40 countries, Gamesa is one of the prime global technological leader in the wind industry, boasting 18 years experience and 25,000 Mw of turbines installed in 40 countries.

Focus on Gamesa

The company has main production/supply centres in Spain and China, as the global production and supply hubs, and has  local production capacity in the United States, India,  and Brazil.

It's been calculated that the annual equivalent of its more than 25,000 MW installed is equal to more than 5 million tons of petroleum  per year and so prevents the emission into the atmosphere of about 36 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Earlier this year the business magazine ‘Actualidad Económica’  which highlights companies innovations and the projects that improve the environment, has  selected Gamesa's "climate chamber" as one of the year's 100 best ideas.  The climate chamber was developed for testing wind turbines at extreme temperatures from -35º a +35º. The climate chamber is unique in the global wind energy industry. The chamber is a testing ground for evaluating the performance of wind turbines and their components when exposed to extreme conditions  prior to their installation at wind farms.

Focus on Gamesa

Gamesa is the first wind turbine manufacturer to validate its products in a climate chamber. and the chamber is also used to train turbine erection and maintenance personnel by simulating the weather conditions they may face in the field. It's something of a surprise that no-one thought of this, or developed a climate chamber before, as wind turbines are placed in increasingly hostile environments.

The chamber was recently cooled to 35º C below zero to test the performance of Gamesa's 4.5 MW machine, the largest and most powerful onshore turbine on the market.   The company is set to install four of these turbines at the Simo wind farm in northern Finland this year... where temperatures can regularly go as low as -35 degrees.

While we are on the subject of large wind turbines,  last month, Gamesa began transporting the largest wind turbine ever built in Spain. The blade is a whopping 62.5 metres long and will be installed on Spain’s first offshore wind turbine.


The blade is the longest turbine blade ever produced and transported in Spain and is one of the largest in Europe. The blade travelled overnight from Aoiz to the port of Bilbao on 10 April where it was loaded with another two blades -  on a ship bound for Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. To follow is the assembling and commissioning of the offshore prototype, a 5MW turbine, which will be erected at the Arinaga quay (Gran Canaria).

Focus on Gamesa

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