Chinese Wind Turbine Companies Rising Up The Ranks In World League

With the Global Wind energy Council ( GWEC ) prediction on Tuesday that world wind power capacity will more than double by 2015 – growing to 450GW from 194.4GW at the end of 2010, MAKE Consulting releases a new wind power companies league table.

Based on the power of its world install activity in 2010, Vestas maintained its leading market position in the Global Wind Turbine market.
The new report claimed that Vestas had 12% of the worldwide market, which totaled 38GW of wind turbines in 2010.

“After making a powerful entrance into the top 5 rankings in 2009, Chinese wind turbine OEMs ( original kit manufacturers ) – Sinovel and Goldwind – continued to climb up the rankings and both placed in the top 4 ( in 2010 ),” MAKE said.

Sinovel leapfrogged U.S. Giant GE for the No. Two wind turbine turn out position internationally, MAKE Consulting asserted.

GE dropped to the No. 3 spot, Goldwind was fourth largest, and Germany’s Enercon rounded out the top 5, which were the same five corporations that held the five top ranks in 2009.

“Chinese wind turbine OEMs continue to shake up the world rankings,” MAKE Consulting CEO Morten Keller said in an announcement. “This trend will possibly continue as MAKE guesstimates that the China market will be responsible for 38 % of worldwide installations between 2011 and 2016.”

The growth for Chinese manufacturers is largely driven by domestic demand, of which non-Chinese wind turbine manufacturers weren’t able to benefit.
Chinese manufacturers accounted for 4 of the top ten and 7 of the top fifteen positions in the rankings, it announced. In contrast, EU wind turbine makers held 6 positions in the top 15 in 2010, it added.

New capacity in the U.S. Market dropped by 44% in 2010, which hit turbine makers whose position is dependent upon success in that market, MAKE said.

“Vestas’s U.S. Share of the market eroded seriously in 2010 due to low order activity in previous years, a trend shared by other turbine OEMs as the market stalled,” MAKE Consulting related.

Although the top 4 turbine makers in Europe were able to hold their positions, GE has been making the largest improvement from the previous year.
EU manufacturers accounted for 75% of installations offshore in 2010, controlled by Vestas and German’s Siemens, which improved their market positions, the report said.

The GWEC related in its five-year prediction the world wind market would add more than 40GW of new capacity this year.

MAKE Consulting gave the following ranking of wind turbine manufactures, and their stock of the total 2010 market :

Company Country Share of the market ( pct )
1. Vestas Denmark 12
2. Sinovel China 11
3. GE United states 10
4. Goldwind China ten
5. Enercon Germany seven.

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