Top 5 Wind Power Producing Countries In The World


Wind power on the rise, China taking the lead again!

China has added thirteen thousand MW of wind energy capacity in 2009, accounting for just over a 3rd of the 37,466 MW added in the year. India occupied the 5th slot in capacity addition during 2009. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, wind energy capacity grew by 31 % in the year, taking installed capacity to 157,899 MW.

The change in energy policies and energies role in economic recovery plans has given wind ernergy the well deserved boost.

China, the GWEC asserted, was the planet's biggest market in 2009, more than doubling its capacity from 12,100 MW to 25,104 MW. The US continued to be the biggest vis accumulative installed capacity, followed by Germany, China, Spain and India.

The US wind energy market installed just about ten thousand MW, increasing the nation's installed capacity by 39 percent. In early 2009 The GWEC says that the growth happened despite the prediction of some researchers who had foreseen a drop in wind energy. development of as much as fifty percent. The execution of the US Recovery Act with its robust target wind power development in the summertime reversed this trend.

Country MW 2009 % Share of Addition Total Installed Capacity MW
China 13,000 35 25,104
US 9,922 27 35,159
Spain 2,456 7 19,149
Germany 1,917 5 25,777
India 1,271 3 10,929

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