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On-Line Wind Finder.

Find real time wind strength and direction from across the globe. If you are planning on installing a wind turbine generator then it is essential to understand the wind at your location. Of course it is best to use an anemometer at your exact location where you intend to position your wind turbine, however, this article provides you with a useful online resource to get you started.

Find Wind Fast – Online

Here is an easy three step On-Line tool for a smarter, easier and more cost-effective initial wind assessment — in just minutes! You simply need to register, confirm your registration notification and off you go. Click your location on a ‘Google map’ and read the average wind speed of the required area you are looking for.

Measure Wind with an Anemometer

As mentioned above, the most precise way to measure the exact wind speeds at your location is of course to use an Anemometer. An Anemometer is a wind speed measuring device.

For anyone interested in wind power, and using the wind to generate electricity for their home, an anemometer in an indispensable piece of equipment. Knowing the direction of the prevailing wind, the average wind speed at a particular location, and the strength of gusts is very useful when selecting and positioning a wind turbine generator optimally. For as little as $40-50, you can purchase an accurate digital handheld anemometer that will display the wind speed in mph, kph, knots, or metres/sec.


Handheld Anemometer


Q: How much electricity will my self build wind turbine produce annually?

The Wind Turbine Annual Electricity Output Calculator

Knowing that wind speeds can be modelled, we can estimate the amount of electricity likely to be generated by a given wind turbine generator in a location with a given average wind speed over the course of a year.

Here is a unique free online tool from to estimate the amount of electricity which can be generated by a wind turbine with a known rotor diameter, in a location with a particular average wind speed. After you have established how much wind is available at your location and you know the basic measurements of your planned wind turbine, just enter your data in the Annual Electricity Output Calculator and you will be able to roughly estimate the annual electricity output of your planned wind turbine project.


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