11 Minnesota cities to run refurbished windmills

Movers & Shakers In Wind Power:Tulsi Tanti
 In order to meet electricity laws, refurbished windmills will start to be set up this summer across 11 Minnesota cities.

By Peter Harris

Eleven Minnesota cities which are part of power agency MMPA are expected to install recycled wind turbines that turn renewable wind energy into electricity this coming summer. North St. Paul, Buffalo, and Anoka are already confirmed to be participating in the scheme in order to meet a state electricity law.

Work will begin in Buffalo this coming June and Buffalo is one of the first cities to install one of the 115-foot tall refurbished turbines that were previously used on a Californian wind farm in Palm Springs. A total of 11 Minnesota cities are members of the MMPA (Minnesota Municipal Power Agency) who agreed to pay out over $3.5 million for the purchase of twelve refurbished turbines. State law requires electrical power providers to generate 25 % of their total energy production from renewable sources such as water or wind by no later than 2025.

Sites have already been picked in Shakopee, North St. Paul and Buffalo to install the 160-kilowatt windmills, one MMPA officials said.

Buffalo utility director Joe Steffel mentioned in a current interview that he aims to be ready at the beginning of June to start the necessary foundation work.

The required windmill permit had already been approved by the City Council and will be erected near Buffalo High School. Joe Steffel also mentioned that the site will be used to teach local residents and local businesses about renewable energy and its benefits.

Tentative sites had been chosen in Chaska and Anoka.  Preliminary approval to a wind turbine ordinance was given by the Anoka leaderboard, but for tentative sites, a park board approval is required which in this case is near Sunnyside Park just north of Highway 10.

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