PLUG-IN WIND POWER For Every Home – The Jellyfish

‘The Jellyfish’ – A micro-wind turbine

Mass production of this amazing wind power generating device is the objective of Inventor Chad Maglaque, who wants to bring a little change to the world. The man from Seattle has invented an affordable version of a micro-wind turbine named the Jellyfish that can create enough wind power to help with the residential elecricity bill..

This amazing little machine is a mere 36 inches tall and can generate approximately 40 kilowatt hours each month.A house equipped with high-efficiency bulbs can easily be lit for a whole month says Maglaque. Micro-wind is nothing new but with a set starting price of only $400, the Jellyfish’s price and simplicity will bring some uproar amongst micro-wind turbine manufacturers..

The Jellyfish Wind Appliance consists of the following parts:

  • A vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT)
  • A solid-state controller
  • A variable-speed induction generator

The variable-speed induction generator is directly connected to an existing wall socket and whenever wind blows, automatically generates power. You can mount the Jellyfish on rooftops, wind towers or most impressively, even onto existing street light poles. Street light poles are usually already pre-wired to the grid and have of course the necessary tower already in place!

In order to reduce the demand for costly transmission infrastructures, the Jellyfish can work in tandem with the existing power grid and can deliver power exactly where it is needed.

If predicted forecasts hold their promise, the Jellyfish can do for the wind power industry what the personal computer did for the IT industry. Although the engineering community likes to think bigger is better, Maglaque said, we should remain open minded about using both big and small turbines to power the renewable energy revolution.

‘This can be done on a small scale as well,’ Maglaque said. ‘Just in the same way as there is both place for personal PC’s and for large industrial computer main frames at the same time.

14 thoughts on “PLUG-IN WIND POWER For Every Home – The Jellyfish”

  1. Can you please send me all specifications, construction details and detailed part informations of jellyfish windmill with pics for college seminar work?

  2. Can you please send me all specifications, construction details and detailed part informations with pics for college seminar work?

  3. I am very interested in sales and marketing of your jellyfish vertical axis wind device. When will it be out, and how can I get information for sales, service and installation of such a device? I want to be able to answer the needs of perspective customers for energy savings, tax incentives and such…

    Please contact me at your earlies convenience,

    Thanks for looking,

    Greg Arnsberger
    Arnie’s Home Improvements

  4. I am very excited about this product but think it will never come to market.
    If it is as great as it seems some company will buy this guy out and it will just go away??? Corporations don’t like change

  5. Let me know when these are avail. and also interested in more info on using them on an off grid system. Thanks

  6. We read about this in Popular Science quite a few years ago and yet we’re still waiting for it to become available to the public. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE BECAUSE WE WANT ONE!!!!!
    Thanks :)

  7. We may be interested in Manufacturing these Online Jellyfish Wind Turbines in India fo Exports & Domestic use, subject to Technical Feasibility & Economic Viability. Please send the details.

  8. We may be interested in manufacturing these turbines in India for Exports, subject to Technical Feasibility & Economic Viability of the Project. Please send the details.


  10. When will you be selling the Jellyfish in CA. Are there any state or federal tax credits for wind generators? It looks like a great device. Is it harmful to birds? Does it power devices only when the wind is blowing? Can you store the power? Does the power go back into the grid?

  11. I can’t wait for the Jelly to go on the market, this will help me reduce my carbon print.

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