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Sell Your Wind Turbines & Energy Equipment

Please use the submission form below to request an add for sale and submit your details and description of the equipment you would like to sell. If you are looking to purchase a particular make or model of turbine/s and you like to request an advert in our ‘Wanted’ section, then please fill and submit our ‘Equipment Request Form’ or click here!

MWPS is the best Advertising Marketing Online Broker for the ‘Renewable Energy Market’ world wide and specialized in Asset Recovery.

Potential customers looking for ‘Renewable Energy’ products will see your classifieds on our site and contact us directly about your product or service. Use online advertising and online classifieds for your business, product or service and reach a large audience with a direct interest in ‘Renewable Energy’.

MWPS – MyWindPowerSystem Ltd. provides high response classifieds advertisement and brokering service for both sellers or buyers of ‘Renewable Energy Equipment’ through our beknown Page Rank 4 Marketplace site.

MWPS does not offer to purchase your product/s at cheap auction prices like many other so called ‘cash buying brokers’ do just to sell your equipment with a huge mark up at your loss. Instead, we will work with you and promote, broker and sell your equipment on your behalf at its true market value free of charge and only apply a brokering fee between 5%-7% of the total sales price on completion of a successful sale.

This will subsequently leave you with a much higher net sales price than you would achieve by selling your equipment to a so called ‘cash buying’ broker. No fee ever is payable to us for our services unless we successfully find a buyer for your equipment .

We also offer a ‘Equipment Sourcing’ Service for buyers at an agreed fee which is only payable in the event that MWPS is able to source the equipment you are looking for and is subsequently purchased by you. If you would like our service to source wind turbines for you, please mail your request by clicking here

Why Sell Through Us?

  • No risk for Sellers – Our Marketing campaigns and brokering services are completely free of charge unless MWPS introduces a buyer to you and sales transaction is successfully closed and paid
  • Get expertise advise and free evaluation of your products true market value
  • Get maximum worldwide exposure of your product for sale through our market leading Page Rank 4 Web Site directly reaching your desired target audience
  • Get a page 1 ranking advert in Google within hours of us publishing your advert live on our market leading and dedicated ‘Marketplace’
  • Get access to our large number of registered ‘Ready to buy Cash Buyers’ from around the world
  • Achieve the best possible sales price through multiple pre-qualified buyer introductions
  • Prior to introduction, all buyers are taken through MWPS’ stringent vetting & qualification  – No more dealings with time wasters and tire kickers!
  • MWPS facilitates a safe and confident trade from start to finish and assists both seller and buyer through negotiations until close of sale
  • The sale of used wind turbine equipment is a very specialized trade. Benefit from MWPS’ expertise in years of trading in the global wind turbine trade business.

Use the ‘For Sale’ Submission form below to request our ‘Premium’ advertising and brokering service today!

The Selling Process

1- Seller sends equipment details via our submission form below.

2- MWPS Service Team will evaluate the equipment condition and will determine the current market value of the unit/s.

Note: MWPS will insist on a precise description of the condition so that your equipment is represented correctly.

3- If suggested Asking Price is acceptable by you and MWPS, we will issue and send you our standard ‘Introducers Agreement’ for your consideration.

4-If all agreed, MWPS will start your full scale marketing campaign 100% free of charge within 48 hours of signed agreement Marketplace is your one stop shop for buying and selling your new or second hand ‘Renewable Energy’ Equipment. Request to post unlimited Ads for unlimited periods at no initial cost.

Submit your equipment for sale today – Sell tomorrow!

Download our detailed ‘Description Of Services

Services by MyWindPowerSystem Ltd.pdf

To contact us, click here!

To offer your equipment for sale, please use the below form. Mobile users to who the from is not visible here, click on the following link, scroll down and fill and submit our online ‘Sales Offer Form’, or click here!

  •  Fields marked in bold and with an asterix (*) are mandatory fields which can not be left blank!
  • In case you do not have the answer for any mandatory fields, please just enter the word ‘unknown’
  • Once your info has been submitted with the form below, please return to this page and send a minimum of 3 picture samples by clicking here!


Your First Name/s*
Last Name *
Address 1*
Address 2
Post Code/Zip *
Website URL
Phone *
Examples: For UK, enter +44 followed by your phone number. For USA, enter +1 followed by your phone number
Mobile *
Examples: For UK, enter +44 followed by your mobile phone number. For USA, enter +1 followed by your mobile phone number
Examples: For UK, enter +44 followed by your fax number. For USA, enter +1 followed by your fax number
Make and model of equipment offered? *
Manufacturer Serial or ID Number/s
Please enter the manufacturer Serial or ID Number/s if known
Rated output in kW? *
Make of gearbox?
Make of generator?
Single Generator or Dual Generator
Quantity available? *
Tower Height in meters?
You must enter the height of the tower in meters if applicable - If height in meters provided, you can skip the height in feet field below
Tower Type? *
Please select one of the tower types from the drop down list
Number of tower sections?
Rotor Diameter in meters?
Please enter the rotor diameter in Feet if applicable - If diameter in Feet provided, the diameter in meters in the field below is not required
Year of built? *
If multiple turbines with different manufacturing dates are offered, please provide the number of turbines and the year of manufacture for each manufacturing year. For example: 2 x 1995 - 3 x 1997 - 1 x 1999
Year of first operation? *
Total kwH produced to date?
Condition *
Service Intervals
Name of Service/Maintenance Providor
Please enter name of service/maintenance providor
Current Location - Country? *
Current Location - Nearest Town? *
Current Location - Nearest Airport/s? *
Please enter the turbine/s nearest international airport/s
Equipment already dismantled or still in operation? *
If still in operation, desired dismantle date? *
Who will dismantle
Asking price loaded onto truck in € EUR currency? *
Original 'new' purchase price in € EUR currency
Please enter the original 'new' purchase price if known
Dismantling included in asking price? *
Is transformer included in price? *
Transformer ratings Hz and Voltage
Service history available? *
Pictures samples available? *
Please send picture samples of the turbine/s with seperate email to
Detailed list of major parts or components replaced ?
Please list all major components or parts which had previously been replaced together with the year when each replacement took place
Detailed and ‘honest’ list of damaged parts in need of repair or replacement ?
Please list all current damages on the turbine/s
Reason For Sale? *
Please select one of the reasons why you are offering your equipment for sale
Are you the owner, broker or an agent? *
Additional Information ?
Please use the field below to provide any additional information you think would be useful and important for us to know
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