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MWPS World, formerly MyWindPowerSystem is specialized in marketing Used Wind Turbines & Second-Hand Wind Turbines. Our Industry Leading Wind Turbine Marketplace is your one-stop shop for buying and selling New or Second Hand Wind Turbines and other ‘Renewable Energy’ Equipment.

Trading used wind turbines of all sizes and classes ranging from residential turbines in the lower kW range up to mega-watt sized industrial wind turbines on a worldwide basis since 2008. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to guarantee our customers to provide expert advice and guidance throughout a purchase transaction from start to end.

MWPS is the best Advertising Marketing Online Broker for the ‘Renewable Energy Market’ worldwide as well as being specialized in Asset Recovery.

Use our ‘free’ online advertising and online classifieds for your business, product or service and reach a large audience with a direct interest in ‘Renewable Energy’.

MWPS World provides high response classifieds advertisement and brokering services for both sellers and buyers of ‘Renewable Energy Equipment’.

MWPS does not provide a free, unsolicited and high risk ‘Buyer To Seller’ linking or connection service. Instead, we will work with both seller and buyer to promote, broker and sell available equipment at its true current market value free of charge unless we achieved the completion of a successful transaction sale.

MWPS World also offers an ‘Equipment Sourcing’ Service for buyers at a pre-agreed fee which again, is only payable in the event that we are able to source the equipment you are looking for and subsequently purchased by you. If you would like our service to source a specific make or model of wind turbine/s for you, or wish to sell your renewable energy equipment, then please call us for a non-committal chat or mail your initial request or offer to enquiries@mwps.world or click here!



Setting new standards in Marketing, Promoting and Global Trading of Renewable Energy Equipment with a focus on Second Hand and Used Wind Turbines is our Mission. Our newly launched trendsetting Marketplace Platform together with our In-depth market knowledge, expertise, customer first approach as well as over 10 years of hands-on experience in the worldwide trade of Second-Hand and Used Wind Turbines through our ‘Secure Buyer & Seller Assurance’ business model are the facts that are setting us worlds apart from the competition.

MWPS proudly presents our NEWER – BIGGER & BETTER


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Co-Founders Peter Ruppert (pictured left) and Ralph Ruppert (pictured right)

Peter Ruppert (pictured left) is Co-founder and takes responsibility for the digital performance of the MWPS brands. Peter is a pioneering Digital Marketing Professional with a longtime passion for alternative energy.

Ralph Ruppert (pictured right) is Co-Founder, majority shareholder and manages the worldwide sourcing and sales of second-hand and used wind turbines. Ralph’s past achievements include an impressive 30 year-long career in the music industry.

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