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The World's Most Powerful Turbine

Veterans of the wind power industry, Vestas, have been showing off their new super-turbine which is reckoned to be the most powerful yet seen. It's the Vestas V 164-8.0. How come? It's the combination of an 8MW power-rating and a… READ MORE

Steve Sawyer, the Global Wind Energy Council and Lima

In an interview given to the influential magazine Recharge earlier this month, Steve Sawyer, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) secretary-general said:  'We are already seeing conflicts over resources, and it just gets ugly very quickly. I really think we… READ MORE

News Press Release – GREEN WIND ENERGY LIMITED - Northern Ireland 2015

  In the world of wind energy, big isn't necessarily beautiful.  While the EON’s, EDF’s or  RWE’s of the electricity wind energy market may seem to be the giants in terms of turnover,  there's a  small family run company on… READ MORE

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