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Thinking Wind Power? Think Second-Hand Turbines.

While no-one can claim that the last two or three years of recession have been a boom-time for the wind industry with turbine manufacturers laying off  workers and plants closing, the second-hand market for wind turbines has not been as… READ MORE

European Wind Turbine Manufacturers Turn Corner

After three years of losses, shutdowns and lay-offs, European wind turbine manufacturing giants such as Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems, Germany’s Nordex, and Gamesa  appear set for declaring pre-tax profits. This has led to much anticipation and investors are now driving… READ MORE

IKEA add New Wind Farm to their Renewable Portfolio

The closest you'll get to wind power as you walk round any Ikea store is a free-standing floor fan. But the successful Scandinavian furniture producer and retailer has been an investor in wind power for some years, and is now… READ MORE

Northern Ireland's Carn Hill Wind Farm Facility Opened

The Irish renewable energy group, Gaelectric, opened a £20m wind farm at Carn Hill, Newtonabbey, County Antrim. It's the first fully operational wind farm from Gaelectric. The proposal was approved by the Norther Executive's Department of the Environment in 2010.  … READ MORE

INVEST IN GREECE WIND POWER - From the Origins of Democracy to the Future of Wind Power!

Invest In Greece Now! Greece has attracted a fair bit of negative press over the last months largely due to the effects of the recession and the austerity measures demanded of its beleaguered citizens by its Government and the European… READ MORE