Wind Science

VisionAIR3: Heralding a Revolution in Wind Turbines?

In the last few days the official debut of a new vertical axis micro wind turbine was launched.  It's a… Read More

23/03/2018 09:45

New Type of Turbine Designed in English University

Here on the MWPS web pages we often feature new innovative designs to capture wind energy.  Few ever make it… Read More

12/03/2018 12:53

Storing Green Energy

It has long been recognised that the vagaries of  the waves, the sun, and the wind,  mean that renewable "green"… Read More

07/03/2018 11:43

A Revolutionary Bladeless Turbine is Unveiled

A wind turbine without blades? Is that possible?? Yes! Vortex Bladeless have demonstrated how their turbines generate electricity from the… Read More

06/03/2018 12:29

The Sound of Wind Power

The anti-wind and pro-fossil fuels lobbies frequently make a lot of fuss about the (allegedly) deleterious effects of being in close proximity… Read More

04/03/2018 14:14

Proposed Control System to end Wind Power Oscillation Issues

It has long been a pain in the blades that the changes in wind speed pose a threat to generators… Read More

03/03/2018 09:25