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Underground Wind Energy Storage

While wind power is one of the greenest renewable energies around, the wind doesn't blow continuously at an optimum speed… Read More


New Radial Shaft Sealing Ring

Today's wind turbines are being established in increasingly hostile environments. From freezing icy high mountains to storm and salt-lashed seas.… Read More


WIND TURBINES DESIGNS - The World's Most Amazing Windmills Designs

A journey through the evolution of the most spectacular wind turbines designs in the world Looking for an environmentally friendly… Read More


The End for Mechanical Gearboxes?

Turbines are big sturdy beasts. They should be robust and able to stand a lot of what the elements can… Read More


What is a Suction Bucket Jacket??

Does it sound like something you'd need in your loft water tank, or maybe something to fix a leak in… Read More


Used GE Wind Turbines - 1.5 MW Available

4 x General Electric – GE 1.5 S Wind Turbine -  For Sale With more than 5,000 units in operation… Read More


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