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THE 10 MAJOR WIND POWER COMPANIES In The World - Wind Turbine Manufacturers and Companies

The 10 major Wind Power Companies in the World   This article provides you with a detailed list and overview of the 10 largest wind power companies in the world.  The first list is the top ten listing sorted by an annual market share in 2011 reported by Cleantech Investor and followed by the top ten listing […]

Chinese Wind Power Companies Target Global Markets

BEIJING – China’s Goldwind Science & Technology Ltd. is one of the world’s biggest makers of wind turbines – a cornerstone of the booming clean power business – but is unknown outside its home country. By Joe McDonald – Associated Press – Goldwind aims to change that. In a Minnesota farmer’s cornfield, the company is […]

VisionAIR3: Heralding a Revolution in Wind Turbines?

In the last few days the official debut of a new vertical axis micro wind turbine was launched.  It’s a  new addition to the UGE (formerly Urban Green Energy) portfolio of turbines.  It’s called the “VisionAIR3”,  and is a ramped up, high-efficiency version of the company’s earlier micro-vertical axis wind turbine models. in 2012 UGE […]

Giant $162 Billion Wind Farm Contract Awarded in UK

A super-sized wind farm contract has been awarded in the UK. The wind farm is to be located off the East Yorkshire coast and will provide four-per-cent of all electricity demand in the UK. The Hornsea zone, to be built off the Hornsea coast, will generate 3,000 megawatts and power three million homes. The Hornsea […]