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THE 10 MAJOR WIND POWER COMPANIES In The World - Wind Turbine Manufacturers and Companies

The 10 major Wind Power Companies in the World   This article provides you with a detailed list and overview of the 10 largest wind power companies in the world.  The first list is the top ten listing sorted by an annual market share in 2011 reported by Cleantech Investor and followed by the top ten listing […]

Drivetrain Technology

The end of this month sees an important conference, to be held in Bremen, Germany from 27  to 29 October, 2014: It is the 5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Drivetrains. What do we mean by the drivetrain for wind turbines? For modern horizontal turbines, the components are as follows: blade or rotor, which converts the energy […]

European Wind Turbine Manufacturers Turn Corner

After three years of losses, shutdowns and lay-offs, European wind turbine manufacturing giants such as Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems, Germany’s Nordex, and Gamesa  appear set for declaring pre-tax profits. This has led to much anticipation and investors are now driving up their share prices. Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that shares in these corporations have […]

South African Factory to Produce Wind Towers

South Africa’s heavy engineering group, DCD is to build wind turbine towers at Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape Province. The facility, due for completion in January, will produce around 110 tubular steel, 120-metre towers a year in the first instance. DCD is currently finalising contracts with its first two customers, Vestas and Nordex. At the […]

Spotlight on Romania

Romania is likely to double its wind power capacity this year, as investors consider the attractive European Union- approved incentives for investment in renewable industry. It is expected that installed wind power capacity will  increase to 2,100 megawatts by the end of 2012 in Romania,  from about 1,000 megawatts at the end of 2011, said […]