Giant Flowers Generate Energy

Giant Flowers Generate Energy

– By Tomas Jimenez, USA – 2 Aug 2009 –
Wind turbines are no longer things of the distant future; they are as real as the air we breathe. In some areas of the world there are farms of wind turbines providing energy for the neighboring cities and towns. Even though much good can be attained from wind farms there are those who oppose it because of their lack of appeal.


We can make wind turbines more appealing by blending their color with the surroundings or diminishing their contrast; being environmentally friendly while actually looking as part of it, rather than looking harsh and mechanical.

The tubular steel towers could be painted green, like the prairie they are sitting on and the blades like the petals of a flower.

Giant Daisies Wind Turbines


Other color patterns would blend with wheat or corn fields. Imagine a field of giant sunflowers or tulips of various colors. Even during the dry season or winter, they would showcase their colors, giving a hint of “greener times” to come. Artists can challenge themselves and create works of art for those who pass by.



• Add beauty to the surroundings
• More people may agree to have wind turbines in their area
• Schools and artists will get involved in design patterns
• Wind farms will become a tourist attraction
• Sense of local and national pride to showcase their “Giant Flowers”


• Different types of designs will require changes in the manufacturing process
• Turbines may take longer to produce since there is another step in the process
• Customized painting will add to the final cost
• Wind farms may need repainting periodically to retain their beauty
• Some customers may create “works of art” that cause local uproar
• Vandals may feel inspired to exercise their creativity on the towers

We can light up our creativity while lighting up our homes too. In the end the more appeal these wind turbines have, the more people support them. We can make an innovation to something green and turn it into something beautiful. A great example for this is a brand new innovation by a company named WindTamer Corporation which is an independent developer of wind turbine technology from Geneseo, NY in the US who invented the ‘ Wind Tamer’ Wind Turbine. A stunning and unique design in form of a flower. WindTamer Corporation’s mission is ‘To Bring Wind Power Down to Earth’!

Wind Tamer Wind Turbine Flower Design
Wind Tamer Wind Turbine Flower Design

Look at this stunningly new design and we are sure that many opponents to Wind Turbines who consider them as being an ‘eyesore in the landscape’ may change their view on this very quickly.  The picture below shows a ‘Flower Bed’ styled Wind Farm consisting of  approximately 50 Wind Tamer Flower Wind Turbines. Who could say that this does not look anything but beautiful?

Watch the Flower Power Wind Turbine in action!


Please let us have your thoughts and post a comment of your view on this!

Giant Flowers Generate Energy
‘Flower Bed’ styled Wind Farm
Looking to buy or sell a 2nd hand wind turbine? Click on the sunflower image above and post your free ad today!
Looking to buy or sell a 2nd hand wind turbine? Click on the sunflower image above and post your free ad today!

10 thoughts on “Giant Flowers Generate Energy”

  1. I have a low cost alternative turbine design that improves the performance in low winds and looks even more attractive and less mechanical.
    Power Flower jet turbine style rotors from Xturbines start at 2mph and can attach to existing wind turbines instead of the standard propeller style rotors.
    Take a look at the recent installation at a children’s hospital at
    There are two little turbines that generate power to light the sculpture at night and a couple that mechanically power little dancing bugs, the rest are just decorative.

  2. Disseminated power is the wave of the future. We can only break the tyrrany of the multinationals by no longer requiring their services to the same levels as we have in the past. Just think how this type of machine will make remote living possible and comfortable too.

    Competition is always the great equalizer. Remembering of course that much of the world that is inland from the shore or not in the hills has little predictable wind.

    The science behind this design is sound, the only question is if they will produce it at a reasonable cost or merely a competative one.

  3. “Flat Earth” people do not understand the principles of a Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine! There is nothing “stupid” about low wind speed power production or, low profile wind power. If you use logic expressed above, why then would you put up massive towers to have very inefficient production from the mega-watt turbines?

    Betz, like every other high water mark, is meant to be broken!

  4. WOW! This is very exciting! I have been an alternative energy advocate for some time, and while I’m very excited about the wind movement (vis-à-vis Repower America and the Pickens Plan), I also can relate to the opposition’s valid point that the monsters we are used to seeing are ugly, noisy, and a major compromise. It seems to me that Windtamer is the solution! It also appears that the efficiency of this machine is far greater than conventional windmills. Out of all the manufacturers out there, this is an innovative, progressive company. I wonder when we’ll start seeing these!

  5. This is stupid. Turbines need to be on tall towers to work because the wind is inconsistent and turbulent at low levels. Also, Betts Law, read that.

  6. I thought this company might contribute to this kind of thing.
    Not on the retail market yet, But I have seen the one in Perry, NY in action.


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