Build Your Own Residential Wind Power System with Earth4Energy

Would be nice if you can save more then 80% on your energy cost.  Some companies claim exactly that if you purchase their plans for home made/residential wind & solar power systems.  I finally found an article on Michael Harvey and his cost saving energy solution, Earth4Energy. I bought his plans for less then $50 and I build myself a residential wind power generator for less then $200 which now powers all my household appliances. Can you imagine the savings? Michael also has a plan to build a residential solar power system for less then $100.

The opportunies for savings are amazing, additionally, please think how great this is for the environment!

One thought on “Build Your Own Residential Wind Power System with Earth4Energy”

  1. Pls send full details for a house with three adults to the electric cooker,washing machine and the dish washer.


    Nalaka De Silva

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